Monday, January 3, 2011

A name, a name, we have a name!

When we first moved to our little piece of heaven people started asking us what we were going to call it.  I even started a group on face book hoping for a spark of ingenuity in coming up with a name for our new home.  There were plenty of suggestions including, Merrill Meadows, Barbara's Vineyard (because Martha has one), Merrilly we Mow the Lawn,  Moschetta Acres (to celebrate our friendly mosquitoes), Belly Acres East (to remember Rod's farm in the West) and so on.

One day as I was thinking about the farm it was like a bolt of lightening hit me.  Why not combine the family's most common phrase and Rod's farm. I shared my idea with some of the kids and they thought it sounded pretty good.

As Christmas approached the kids started sharing secrets and getting all mysterious.  The closer Christmas got the more excited and nervous Talia seemed to be.  Christmas morning arrived and the kids were very determined as to which present Mom and Dad would open first.  This is what we found in our most prized Christmas gift:

So if you have a tendency to be a belly acher, come on over and join us at the BellyAcher Acres, and "Quit Your Belly Achin"