Thursday, February 23, 2012

Family Day

A day off at our house isn't really a day off.  It is just a day of different work. Family Day started at the crack of dawn (as always), at least for Rod and I.  We were both up and moving before 8:00 while the kids were still in bed snoring away.

The weather was absolutely perfect for the middle of February.  The sun was shining and the air was still.  The temperature was even acceptable.  The morning was spent chopping down a few trees and lighting the fire pit to burn the branches and an old couch.  The fire burned for hours.

Normally I'm not a big fan of chopping down living trees and today wasn't much different but these trees were blocking our solar panels and they had to go.  Originally we tried to just top the trees and hope that would do it but as we watched the panels we discovered that the 2 pines and 2 maples were still cutting down on our solar harvest in the morning.  During the winter, when solar hours are at a low, we couldn't afford to have panels that aren't producing.  So, as sad as it was, 4 big beautiful trees found their way into my burning pile.  I now have a huge empty spot between my house and the neighbour.  Can't wait for spring so I can go out and dig some holes and plant some new, smaller trees to help block the view of the house next door.

two dogs, two goats and a yard full of snow

Brock and Jenna came out to help chop down the trees and play in the yard with the dogs and the goats. The dogs are learning to respect the goats' space.  

Jenna and I built our first snow woman of the year.  She had pine cones for eyes, cantaloupe slice for a mouth and a wedge of cantaloupe for the nose.  And of course she had a broom in her hand so she could get some work done. 

Amber brought the girls out in the afternoon and left them with Gma so she could go shopping with Jenna.  The girls and I spent time playing in the yard with the sled.

Gracie had fun making snow angels.  

The evening was spent at the bowling alley.  Poor Gpa had an errand to run and he missed out on all the fun.  We used his credit card so he could feel included (haha).

Gracie with her 6 pound ball

Sydney giving a big push

The bowling crew

By the end of the day I was so tired I couldn't wait to fall into bed.  Sometimes it is more restful to work than stay home :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

when blogging disappears

this has been a crazy few days.  First I go to log in to my gmail account and it tells me that there has been something fishy going on with my account and I am now locked out.  I finally figure out how to request having my account restored, but I screw that up by typing in the wrong verification number and I can't remember all the silly details they ask me.  Somehow I end up on a page that asks me to change my password, which I do.  I try logging in and WOW, there is my gmail account.  Then this morning I check my facebook and find out that my mother can't find my blog.  So I check it out and sure enough, my blog has disappeared.  I spend over an hour trying to figure out how to reinstall my blog.  Suddenly, I am able to find it again.  This post is actually a test to see if this is really working or if my day is going to get worse.  If you can see this blog please try posting a comment and see if things are working again.

I didn't realize how important blogging was to me until I discovered I might not be able to continue with my blog and that I have lost all my previous blogs.  Now I need to figure out how to make a back up of everything in case this happens again.