Monday, July 18, 2011

Our busy summer thus far

Wow, this has been an action packed summer so far.

Saturday, June 25  my mother, sister and her 3 youngest girls arrived to help prepare for and celebrate Amber's wedding.


Wednesday, June 29  Installation of solar panels begins. Cody and Mimi arrived and Zach had his Grade 8 graduation. Zach was the last of the Merrills to graduate from Gateway Drive School (5 in total) and with HONOURS.  An era has ended.

Thursday, June 30 was spent purchasing food for the wedding.

Friday, July 1 was spent decorating and preparing food for the wedding and attending fireworks at the Hirota's. Talia went to New Hamburg and purchased her horse, a chestnut thoroughbred gelding. Completion of the solar installation today as well.

July 2 was a busy exciting day as we celebrated the wedding of Amber and Josh.  The day was hot and humid (typical summer in Ontario). The wedding went off without a hitch and the storm held off until we were almost finished (we did rush it at the end trying to beat the storm).

Sunday, July 3 was spent in Church and celebrating Gracie's 3rd birthday and my Mother's 77th.

Monday, July 4 we took Gracie and Sydney to the babysitters and then the rest of us spent the day at the Elora Quarry playing in the water and soaking up the sun.
Zach, Talia, Brock and Jenna

Tuesday, July 5 was spent in St Jacobs at the market.  Bought a new outfit at our favourite ladies shop in the outlet mall.  This is the first time since we started going there that Sheila didn't end up buying something.  What a shock.

Wednesday, July 6 Rod, Zach and I spent time working on the fencing. We stretched wire down one 450 side of the paddock 

Thursday, July 7 we packed up the crowd (14 in total) and headed to Sauble Beach for some fun in the sun.  Everyone had a wonderful day playing in the water and the sand.
playing in the water

Rebekah and Gracie
Friday, July 8 our farmer came over and mowed our hay.  He returned 3 days later to bale it and haul it away.

Saturday, July 9 Gma, Sheila and the girls, Jenna and myself we to African Lion Safari.  We spent the entire day there.  Some of the highlights were: the drive through the safari and watching the monkeys jumping on the other cars; the elephant swim, show and riding on an elephant; and of course the water park.

Sunday, July 10 was a day of rest and attending Church.

Monday July 11 the girls spent time helping Uncle Rod water his 300 little cedar trees.  They had a great time riding in the back of the trailer and taking turns holding the hose for the trees.  Sydney learned how to drink out of hose that day too.  Amber and Josh arrived home from their honeymoon in Jamaica.  For Family Home Evening we played with the water and had a water balloon toss.

Tuesday July 12 was busy getting Gma, Sheila and girls ready for their flight home.  We had a wonderful visit and it was hard to believe it was all over.
4 generations

 Wednesday, July 13 I had the day off so Rod and I worked on the fencing again. which I can finally say is done.  We had a 3 acre area we were trying to get fenced so that we could put horses in.  We started in the spring but because of the high water table were unable to complete the fence posts until the end of June.  One side (200 ft) was to be done with 3 rows of boards while the others (450 ft each) were to be done with page wire.  The fence between us and the neighbour was already finished (thank goodness).  Talia and I spent days measuring and cutting and hammering boards and completed the top two rows and Rod helped me finish the last one on Saturday night.  We spent 2 days running and tightening the wire. Rod and Zach hung the 3 gates.As earlier mentioned we have finally finished the 3 month project.

Thursday, July 14, back to work and a well deserved rest.

Saturday, July 16 we bought some new dappled willows to plant in the front yard and a crab apple tree for the back, along with 2 new blueberry bushes.  

This has been a very busy summer and we are loving it.  Without even trying I have a better tan than I have had in years.  I wonder what the rest of the summer will bring.


Saturday, July 2 dawned bright and clear.  The weather man had been predicting rain but Amber was determined that her day would not be ruined.  Last minute adjustments were made and at 3:00 our guests began to arrive.  The wedding was wonderful. The bride arrived in a fancy old truck.  The bridesmaids walked up the aisle with the three beautiful flower girls, and then Rod had the honour of walking the beautiful bride down the aisle Amber and Josh were married by Bishop Haddad under the willow tree in the front yard.

After a 2 hour photo shoot by Jody Crane the wedding party and guests sat down to a dinner of chicken Caesar wraps and salad.  Gracie had a great time putting money in the KISSING WELL and making her parents kiss.

The reception began shortly afterwards and many people came to wish the couple well.  There was the cake cutting ceremony, first dance and the the tossing of the bouquet.  Guess who caught the bouquet?  None other than TALIA.  I wonder if that means there will be a Merrill wedding again next year.?
Talia caught the bouquet

Wedding cake

The rain had been holding off all day but we noticed the sky starting to get dark. We had moved up the events of the reception and Rod and the boys decided to hurry and shoot of the fireworks to mark the end of the night.  No sooner had he finished and the skies opened up and the wind and rain came crashing down on us.  We were afraid the tent and all that was in it would blow away.  The big tent survived the storm but sadly, the tent we borrowed from the Bunn's was destroyed.  Luckily no one was hurt.  The Merrill's really know how to throw a party!

Some more Pics from the wedding:

The Bride Arrives
Bridesmaids and flower girls
first dance

Bridal Party
group hug