Thursday, May 10, 2012

I love the Mountains, I love the rolling hills ....

I love the varying landscapes in Alberta, the flat prairies, the rolling foothills, the deep coulees, the river valleys,  the hoodoos, the majestic mountains. 

Looks flat to me

Zach's geography teacher made a comment about how Saskatchewan was flat but Alberta was not.  I am guessing she has never been to Alberta because seems to me that Alberta has some pretty flat spaces too.  I took a picture for Zach to take to school to prove that Alberta can also lay claim to "flat land".

Folks out here in Ontario don't really know what a mountain is.  They ski down large hills or into what I would consider a coulee. They all need a trip to the Rockies to open their eyes to a true mountain.

We had the opportunity on this trip to take Zach to climb his first mountain - a real mountain.  We went to Waterton and climbed Bear's Hump.  There was quite a crew of us with Gma Merrill, Uncle Phil, Morgan, Rod, Me, Zach, Cody, Mimi and even little Hannah.  Hannah and Zach climbed their first mountain the same day.  Zach at almost 15 years and Hannah at almost 2 months. 

Oh how I love the mountains!  And of course what trip to Southern Alberta is complete with out a picture of Old Chief.  And Waterton with its sheep and deer.

And of course, when you are in the country you are bound to run into a herd of cattle somewhere.  Even on the highway.

And then there is Cardston with its' beautiful Temple.  All Temples are beautiful but this one will always be my favourite.

I have now lived more of my life in Ontario than in Alberta but I will always consider myself an Alberta girl. I've learned its OK to love two provinces. They each have their own beauty. 

Hoo Doo you think you are?

While in Alberta last month we took Zach on a field trip to Drumheller and the Dinosaur museum.  Since Zach was skipping school we figured he needed some "education".  Plus, Rod and I had never been there either.  We wandered through the Museum enjoying all the different dinosaurs. I found one I wanted to take home.
At least I think he would have been cute.  It is hard to tell when he is nothing but bones.

A few more dinos

he looks short now

Flowerpot Island

We also drove out to have a look at the Hoo Doos. They remind me of Flowerpot Island up by Tobermory, Ontario. 

Hoo Doo, Drumheller
Here's some more shots of the Hoo Doo.

I've got my EYES on you

A typical Merrill Boy

Every Princess needs a crown

How else will you know she is a princess?!?!

In April we had the opportunity to crown a new princess in the Merrill Family.  Cody and Mimi are the proud parents of a beautiful little girl.  On April 22 we were able to participate in Hannah's blessing day.   It was a wonderful experience. 

Hannah is a precious little girl.  She was long awaited and we are so happy to have her in our family.  This makes little princess #4. 

We love all our granddaughters very much.  They all come with such individual personalities. It has been fun watching them develop into little people.  We look forward to watching Hannah grow up and hope that she moves closer to us so we can see it up close.

I have started a tradition for my children that each family will receive ONE blessing gown crocheted by Grandma.  I love making them along with a blanket.  So far each gown and blanket has been different.  This year I even included a pair of white shoes and a crown.  I wish I had found the crown pattern for the other girls.  I guess I will just have to make bigger crowns for the older girls to wear for dressup.

Now that Hannah has her gown I am anxious to hear if the next baby (late September) will be another princess or if I will have to create something for a little prince.  Either way I need to get started soon. 

I would love to find more patterns for christening/blessing dresses.  I have this thing about not repeating a pattern, especially when it is a gift.

So anyway, here are some pictures of Hannah's dress and crown.