Thursday, February 21, 2013

Soap, Soap, and more Soap

On Tuesday night I hosted a Relief Society enrichment night at my house.  The evening was refered to Goat Night.  19 women from church showed up at my house inspite of the snow and wind.  I was able to share with them my limited knowledge on how to make goat cheese, butter, soap and ice cream. 

While I was demonstrating the process of making cheese the sisters were passing around two jars of cream which they were shaking hoping to make butter.  It took most of the night but in the end we had two small pats of butter in our jars.  We had fresh cheese and butter to spread on our crackers.

Next on the program was soap.  We made a large batch of goats milk soap, about 4 lbs. which we then divided into empty juice containers.  The sisters were then able to use essential oils to scent their soap.  They each got soap to take home. 

The final product of the night was ice cream.  This was made using fresh cream and milk from the goat.  We made two batches, one being plain vanilla and the other was strawberry.  YUMMY

I was so busy with the evening that I forgot to take time to snap some pictures.  It would have been great to capture the crowd.

After everyone left, while I still had the soap makings out I took the time to make a second batch of soap.  I divided it between 6 juice cans.  Each was then individually scented.  I made vanilla almond, benzoin, cuccumber melon, pumpkin spice, lavendar, and peppermint swirl. 

After 24 hours I unmolded the soap and sliced it into nice round soaps.  Here are the results!

benzoin, pumpkin spice, cuccumber melon
Honey Almond, peppermint swirl,lavendar

six new scents of soap
These will need to cure for at least three weeks or more before they can be used but then watch out dirt! And with all the wonderful oils in these - coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil - my skin will be soft and smooth.

Then tonight I came home and found my shipment from Saffire Blue with my new molds and more scents.  I feel another soap making night coming on.  Any one want to join me?

Need more supplies!  

Need more soap!