Friday, April 26, 2013

Which came first...

the Chicken or the Egg?

At our house it was the chicken.  Or should I say the chicks.  Eleven of them to be exact!

How on earth did this happen.  Last year when I mentioned chickens Rod said NO WAY.  Then last month he suggested we get chickens.  Not pullets but day old chicks that we can raise and collect the eggs. So off we went to TSC to check out their chicken coops and to order a few chicks.  How do we decided what kind of chicken to get?  We don't now anything about the different breeds.  Luckily TSC had an orderform listing different kinds.  Still unsure we decided to order a mixture.  I would have been happy to get 4 or 5 but Rod reads "no shipping for 10 or more" so he orders 10 day old chicks.

Skip ahead one month.  April 16 to be exact.  The day has arrived to pick up our new chicks.  So after picking up Gracie and Sydney at daycare we head for TSC.  We are handed a box that is smaller than a shoe box.  Inside you can hear peeping sounds.

At home we open the box and this is what we find 3 colours of chicks - 4 yellow, 4 brown and 3 black.  We had ordered 10 chicks but when we got them home we found we had 11.  New born chicks are so soft and cute.  Gracie and Sydney each got a turn to hold a chick or two.
4 yellow chicks

4 brown chicks
3 black chicks

For now the chicks are living in a horse trough with a heat lamp to keep them warm.  We will be able to keep them there for a month or so, until it warms up enough for them to go outside.  That gives a bit of time to build them a coop.  The prefab ones at TSC were too small, and not up to Merrill standards.

Gracie with new chick

Sydney with a chick