Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Saturday was such a glorious day we spent most of the day outside working on clearing out the flower beds and uncovering the fish pond.  I bought a wrought iron fence to put around the pond to keep the grand daughters from tumbling in with the fish.  Brock and Talia helped me get it set up.  I need to get a few more pieces to complete the fence but it will at least slow them down.
my little fence

We also spent time planning where to plant our 300 white cedar trees that will be coming next week.  We have the huge field on the north/west side of the house and the wind can really blow across there in the winter.  We are building a shelterbelt to protect our road way and our fruit trees behind the garden.  It will take a few years before the trees are big enough to do much good but you have to start somewhere.

The other planning session we had was where to build paddock fences.  We would like to have the fences in by early May since the big horse auction at Carson's is mid May.  I hope we can find something suitable and affordable.  We would eventually like two horses and a pony. 

some of the junk in the back field
Rod's poor stuck tractor
Rod and Zach were busy clearing out the back field on Saturday.  They took the tractor down there and were hauling out all the old rusty scrap metal, barbed wire, etc so that it can be hauled to the scrap yard.  When he headed back in for another load the front tire of the tractor got caught in a rut and because the ground is still wet from the spring thaw the tractor is now stuck in the mud down in the back field.  We will now need to find someone with a bigger tractor to come and pull our tractor out of the mud or wait until the ground has dried out.  The problem comes in the fact that the back field is in the lowland and it stays wet a lot longer than we would like.

With a bunch of family members over we decided to have our first BBQ of the season. Hamburgers and sausages for everyone.  It was delicious!!!

After supper Brock and Gracie were playing Hide-n-Seek.  Gracie did the hiding and Brock did the seeking.  When Brock disappeared Gracie figured it was her turn to seek.  She enlisted Gma's help and we went all around the main floor looking for Uncle Brock.  He was no where to be found.  We decided to check down stairs.  Sure enough, there he was in the "man cave" playing ping pong with the big kids.  Gracie's response when she found Uncle Brock was "GRRRRRR, you were supposed to be hiding!"

2 year olds are so cute!!!!!