Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rain rain go away

It's a rainy day, it's a rainy day.
It's raining outside and I can't go out and play.
Why do we need the rain anyway?

Ok, I know how important the rain is but enough is enough.  A week of rain and only 9 hours of sunlight isn't fun.

The farmers are anxiously waiting for the rain to stop and the fields to dry up so they can get in there and plant their fields.  Some of the puddles in the fields are large enough that the ducks and geese are swimming in them.

Here it is the May 24 weekend and I won't be putting in my garden.  If the weather man is correct Saturday will be our first and only day of sunshine this week.  I need to get my garden rototilled before I can even think of planting anything.  The whole thing is full of weeds (mostly dandelions) and grass.  That is except for the rows of raspberries, rhubarb and asparagus.  Need to be careful when we rototill that we don't get too close to the asparagus.

And then there is my paddock fence that has 3/4 of its posts done but on hold because the last few holes are full of water. Between the high water table and the continuous rain I don't know if the holes will ever drain. The longer it takes to finish the fence the longer I have to wait for horses.  Talia and I are getting anxious and concerned.  This is our dream and it is on hold again.  Come on SUNSHINE.

My 300 little trees are enjoying the rain and growing nicely but so is the grass beside them.  Last week I spent 2 hours mowing the grass around the trees so that you could actually see them and they wouldn't get too choked out and now I need to get out there again.  All I need is some sun to dry off the grass so I don't get soaked.

UPDATE:  The rain held off on the weekend and we were able to rototill the garden. Needs one more time to get the soil just right and then we can plant.  4 more posts are in the ground but there is still a large wet area that needs to dry up before we can put the cedar posts in.  May have to put T posts in until the ground drys out - hopefully before next year.  Mowing is done around the little trees.  They are still tiny but they are growing. Too bad the grass is growing faster than the trees. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

the comfort of routine

Over the past 6 weeks I have learned the comfort of having a routine.  I was off work on medical leave for 5 weeks.  In that time I got up when I wanted, slept when I wanted, worked on my puzzle, watched TV etc, all when I wanted.  While that can be enjoyable after a while I found I was getting to the end of the day and not having much accomplished. Mind you I wasn't allowed to lift anything, vacuum, rake leaves, etc. so there wasn't a lot I should be accomplishing.  The day would just slip by and I would be surprised to realize what time it was.

Last week I returned to work.  This meant getting up by 6:45, showering, making breakfast and lunches and being out the door by 8:00.  Work starts at 8:30. This involves answering emails, scheduling rooms, working with grad students and faculty.  The first week also involved learning how to do time sheets and putting out small "fires". The days were busy and at the end of the day I could look back and tick off all the things I had accomplished.

This isn't to say that a stay at home Mom doesn't work on a schedule and accomplish things.  I stayed at home for almost 20 years with my kids and had developed my own routine for getting through the day.  Snack time was 10:00 and 2:00 or they would be looking for food all day long.  Lunch, naps and outings were scheduled.  Laundry day was the same every week. Bed time was bed time.

 Then summer would come along and schedules would be thrown out the window.  Kids would stay up late because the sun was still up.  Then they would sleep late because they were up too late.  Breakfast would happen anytime between 8:00 and noon, which would throw off all other meals of the day.  All enjoyable at the beginning but as the end of summer approached I would look forward to getting back on a schedule.

It is great to have life scheduled but I also love Saturdays because that is the day I turn off the alarm and get to sleep in.  After 15 years of getting up at 3:30 I find that 7:30 or 8:00 is sleeping in.  Then I spend the day doing all my household things - cleaning, yard work, laundry, etc.  I find them enjoyable because they are a break from the daily routine of the office.  I can't understand how my kids can sleep the day away.  Especially now that the weather has improved and we can spend time outside.

I do look forward to having time off this summer to spend with family.  I will spend 2 weeks without a scheduled routine. It is nice to have that break but I know I will also look forward to getting back into routine and knowing what my day will bring.