Monday, March 12, 2012

And on his farm he had two GOATS

We are slowly accumulating animals. VERRRRY SLOWLY.  We currently own two horses, one of which is living at another farm right now so that he can be ridden in the winter.  The other one is up for sale as I don't have a lot of time for riding and it is no fun by myself. 

We also have two goats, Whinny and Miracle.  These two girls are very friendly, at least if you aren't a dog.  They love to charge the dogs and make them run.  They live in a large dog run during the week and we let them out to graze on the weekends.  We need to fix the paddock fence before we can leave them in the field.  They just crawl under the fence right now.  They will follow us all around the farm. 

On Sunday afternoon we took Gracie and the two dogs (dog sitting for Brock and Jenna) out for a walk on the trail behind the house.  We looked behind us and this is what we saw, two goats following us down the trail.

Miracle and Whinny

Zach, Gracie, Gpa and the goats
They followed us the whole way and when we turned and headed for home they actually led the way.  The found the path back into the property and were the first ones home.

This week we are also dog sitting for Brock and Jenna while they are in Alberta and BC.  Evie is a boxer puppy who just wants to play.  Tucker is an old timer and doesn't want to play.  Evie begs and begs him to come play and he just growls and chases her away.  She thinks it is a big game and keeps coming back for more.  For the past two days we have tried to wear them out by keeping them outside as much as possible.  It seems to be working because every night they both conk out in the family room - Tucker in his dog bed and Evie under the coffee table.  Last night I sent Tucker to his kennel first.  I came back and found Evie curled up in his dog bed.  She didn't fit in it as good as Tucker does.

Evie in Tucker's basket

 I'm hoping before the end of these 10 days that Tucker will finally tolerate Evie in the house.  If  not this will be along 10 days.