Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Learning to enjoy the winter

As a kid I remember winters of building snow men, snowball fights, and tobogganing.  We would spend time outside getting fresh air and playing with our friends.  When my children were smaller I would take the time to help them build snow men (even a snow missionary) and go tobogganing. As they got older and didn’t need my help anymore I found I spent a lot of time inside trying to stay away from winter.

My 15 year newspaper job gave me about as much winter as I could handle, outside in the cold from 4-7 am every day was not always fun.  I did see some beautiful night skies though.  The most beautiful one involved a full circle of light around the moon.  The problem with night beauty is there is no one to share it with.

Since moving to the country I have tried to find joy in the winter.  We have had cross country skis around for years, collected at garage sales, but never really used them.  So this year I decided it was time to put them to use.  I have been out about 6 times this winter.  The first time I created a few trails to take around the field.  As I continued to use them they became quite nice to travel on.  I even got Rod out there with me and he helped make new trails in the front yard.  Then the snow fell and I had to go out and make new trails.  Last week I had a friend over and we went out skiing.  The trails were completely gone and so I was breaking ground with snow up to my knees.  It was hard work but we had fun. Once again it has snowed and covered up my trails.  So I will be out again this weekend making new trails thru the deep snow.

My next goal is to get a pair of snow shoes so I can get around without sinking so deep.  We have some snowdrifts that are up to my hips so it would be nice to stay on top.  Maybe next year we can get a ski-do and really have some fun.

Gracie and Mr. Snowman
On Sunday Gracie and I went out and built my first snowman in many years. He wasn’t very fancy but we had fun building him.  Gracie was so cute because when our little friend was built she knew exactly what he needed “A Carrot, A Carrot. We need a carrot!”

So I have found that winter doesn’t seem so bad or long when you take the time to get out and enjoy it.