Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Winter Fun

Once again winter has reared its head and dared us to come out and play.  And what better way to play than to skate on an outdoor pond. 

We have been watching and waiting for the weather to stay cold long enough for the pond in the back woods to freeze.  It would look like we were ready to skate and then BANG, the rain would come and the temperature would rise and we would be back to liquid ice.

Well this past week we finally had enough cold weather to freeze the pond enough that it was thick enough to venture out on.  Rod, Talia and I enjoyed a sunny Saturday afternoon with our shovels scraping off the INCH of snow that sat on the ice.  There were a few rough spots but overall the ice looked ready for our first skate of the year.

Sunday afternoon turned out to be perfect for our first skate.  Amber, Josh, Gracie and Sydney came for a visit, bringing their skates.  I had found bob-skates at the store so we were ready.  We gathered up all our equipment: Skates, chairs, hockey sticks, net, helmets for the girls, and hiked through the field and trees to our little hideout in the woods

Gracie's first skate 

Sydney trying hockey
 Gracie happily popped on a bike helmet, strapped on her bob-skates, grabbed a pint sized chair and off she went checking out the ice.

Sydney didn't want to wear skates and was happy to slide around on the ice in just her boots.   Little girls need little helmets.  Syd is wearing Gracie's riding helmet. Check out where the soother ended up.

Look! No Chair!

It didn't take long for Gracie to figure out she could skate without holding on.  
Much easier in Grandpa's arms

Sydney loved riding around the ice with Grandpa.  
In the middle of a hockey game

The girls were oblivious to their Dad and Gpa playing hockey.  They went where ever they wanted and we had to avoid them.


And of course they had to have a turn playing hockey too. We need to pull out the smaller hockey sticks.  Looks like we are going to have a girls team.

The girls playing hockey

Amber trying to score on her Dad
So round up your skates and grab a stick. We are looking forward to more family time on the ice. 

Now if Mother Nature would just cooperate.